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The Fallen Premiums R21, 2014

Premiums have been falling all over the place, but not in the manner that SuperCoaches appreciate. We like them dropping... »

Added: 5hrs 5mins ago, Source: Supercoach Talk

AFL Injury List-Round 22

Player Injury Estimated Return Adelaide Scott Thompson Hamstring Test Brisbane Lions Tom Cutler Knee Season Matthew Leue... »

Added: 7hrs 41mins ago, Source: Doctor Supercoach

O Captain, my captain! Preliminary Finals

Well well well, the week from hell has dropped on Supercoachers right when they least needed it. With regular captain op... »

Added: 7hrs 41mins ago, Source: Doctor Supercoach

Weekly fantasy show Round 21

#452057692 / This week Matt and Ryan delve into the keys to success – the players who most commonl... »

Added: 10hrs 38mins ago, Source: Footy Prophet

Doc Larkins' diagnosis for round 22

Dr Peter Larkins gives us his view of the AFL injury list-- Delivered by Feed43 service »

Added: 18hrs 6mins ago, Source: AFL Fantasy

Fantasy Freako Rave 2014 Rd 21

The round twenty-one edition of the Fantasy Freako Rave for the 2014 season is now ready for download. »

Added: 19hrs 1min ago, Source: Dreamteam Talk

Show Me The Money Finals Week Two

Show me the money is a round-by-round assessment of SuperCoach players to identify who is costing us money. We demand hi... »

Added: 19hrs 12mins ago, Source: SuperCoach Paige

Boomer bounced for three matches

Veteran to miss North's first final after failing to escape misconduct charge-- Delivered by Feed43 service »

Added: 21hrs 58mins ago, Source: AFL Fantasy

Tribunal confirms Fyfe's two-game ban

Striking charge upheld against Nat Fyfe, who will miss final two rounds-- Delivered by Feed43 service »

Added: 21hrs 58mins ago, Source: AFL Fantasy

Trading Your Way To The Top Final Edition

Gday Dreamers, its been a while but Ive been absolutely smashed at TAFE lately, got 6 assignments all 2000 words to do s... »

Added: 22hrs 2mins ago, Source: AFL Dreamers