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RUCK POLL and timely warning

Gday Community. CRITICAL that we learn from our past. And as such I want each and every one of you TODAY to login to you...

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Thompson snubs AFL fine, future unclear ...

Dual Geelong premiership coach Mark Thompson may be banned from working in the AFL after failing to meet a deadline on a...

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Free agency door opens up for Newton

DELISTED Port Adelaide midfielder Ben Newton hopes to avoid the national draft and find a new AFL home in the delisted f...

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The Sydney Swans and the COLA Myth

Twenty years ago the Sydney Swans Football Club was in a world of hurt after years of mismanagement. How the old VFL fou...

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Pros and cons of your AFL teams draw (Part I)

The AFL fixture for season 2015 has been launched and a few anomalies and highlights have emerged. Here, I will look at ...

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Air Gary Eade says Ablett is AFLs Jordan

Playing finals look set to be a slam dunk for the Gold Coast after new coach Rodney Eade claimed Gary Ablett was ready t...

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Supercoach 2015 Oliver Wines

Quadzilla set to destroy the Supercoach arena? Oliver Wines is a young midfielder down at the Port Adelaide Football clu...

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Brown backs Eade appointment

Rodney Eade has joined Gold Coast at the perfect time and will lead the club to their first finals appearance in 2015, a...

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Ruccis top 10 AFL clashes of 2015

SIMON Lethlean must have been delighted as his email inbox filled on Thursday with the AFL clubs’ public reactions...

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